So I said I'd post when things updated yeah? Well, just a quick one then. I am no longer single. Yays! It's nice to break that streak. Her name is Laura, and as another first, she's actually shorter than me.
More as it develops
Ciao for now,

So, I figure that I haven't posted ANYTHING for a while of my own so I thought I'd give an update to all those that might care.
School is going awesome, I love it. It's been such a thrilling experience and I'm learning so much. There's nothing quite like getting to draw with a model in front of you. Truly.
To Andrea or anyone that might talk to her or Calvin, let them know that they won in the long run. I've started listening to Malice Mizer, Gackt, Dir En Grey, and X Japan, and am in love with it all, I even went and picked up a Gackt/Malice Mizer greatest hits CD the other day and am in love with it.
I've started to work on the cartoon that Will and I dreamed up all those months ago, and if I can manage to stay on schedule, I should have a teaser for you all soon.
I started a Deviant Art account again, under the name JOwte, look it up if you'd like, it'll give you a chance to see the work I'm doing right now. I'll update it as often as possible.
And lastly, for those that don't know, I now use the e-mail address ben.wieler@sheridanc.on.ca so if you want to reach me, that's the place to do it.
More as it develops,
Ciao for now,

So, this is my first entry in a VERY long time, but I felt that it was time. Besides, big news here folks, BIG news.
My house is sold. The newcomers take possession on September the first. I gave my one month notice at DOMO, (I am done there as of August 20th) and now I need to start winding down my life here in Winnipeg. I am planning my own "fair well" party (presumptuos I know, but someone should do it) all are invited and I do mean ALL (whatever that means) Anywho, give me a call or write me a response to let me know your August availability and I'll plan from there and keep you updated.
Hope to hear from y'all soon,
internet heart,

Just thought you'd all like to know.....
Well, I didn't get into my Digital Multimedia course. No explanation was given, just a generic letter saying "too bad, you're not good enough" basically. So I've been doing some thinking and talking with my parents, and it looks like I'll be here for one more year, but after that I will more than likely be moving to Toronto to attend the Toronto Art Institute, Game Development and Design division. Based of course on my acceptance, but by August of next year I may be gone. Just thought you'd all like to know.


To all my precious Downe and Owte fans...
I am SO sorry for not having a new comic up this sunday. With my trip out to see my parents I simply did not have the time to get two finished before I left. But don't worry, I've been working hard, and have enough time when I get back to get the new comics up and running. Also, Bart (of Pseudo Snipe Hunt fame) has agreed to make the actual site for us, so it won't be so ugly. Yay! All I need to do is send him the graphics that I want to use and I'll be on my way to having a pretty site.
I plan to make this livejournal dedicated to the site. Instead of posting meaningless crap on the site, my rants, and bitchings shall be reserved for you loved ones here (feel special yet?) The site itself shall simply have a blog spot for movie reviews from your two favourite stereotypes J and Phil.
I've enjoyed my trip immensely, but am very much looking forward to coming back home. I can get some WoW'ing in, and try to catch up with everyone else, but I also finally have the money to acquire my precious Nintendo DS. (no more long boring midnite shifts, as that's all I work now)
As for the rest of my news? Belated Christmas presents for people when I get back. Adrian? I'm looking at you now. You can't stop me, you are getting something, but don't feel bad, I just feel like getting you something. So relax already.
Anywho, I've been up for quite some time now, and I plan to get some drawing done for next weeks comic, and then hit the hay.
See you on the movie page,

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A sad Day
It was a sad day for all metal fans everywhere on wednesday. Dimebag Darrel, formerly of PanterA and currently of Damage Plan was shot to death at a Columbus Ohio nite club while performing. It was a random shooting that killed a total of 4 people and wounded 2 others. Dimebag was one of the four to die. He was pronounced dead at approx. 10:30 pm on Wednesday nite. Metal has lost a phenominal guitarist tonite.


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i've never had one 3 minute phone call make me feel so odd....
So yeah, I just got off the phone with maia......i'm going down to her end on sunday morning after i get off work to return some more of her shit and to get my shit back (FINALLY!!! GOOD HATS!! MORE OF THEM!!!) but that was definitely a tough decision to make....talking to her was hard enough, i have NO idea how i'm gonna react, or how I'm gonna take it....probably badly on the inside but a smiling trooper on the outside. yeah. if i didn't need my shit back i wouldn't even be doing this, but i need my keys and hats back. and no, nobody worry, i'm not going to try and get back with her, as that clearly has no chance. i might try and finally figure out all the shit that went wrong at the end, but yeah, other than that I should just be getting my stuff back....so if everyone has some time when they're done their thanksgiving dinners (as i am undoubtedly going to grandmas) please call me up or something to see how i am....b/c the odds will prolly be none to good. wish me luck.


Dear Devon....
Hey Devo, what up? I'm registering the domain name for the website soon, like in the next week or so.....16 bucks for 2 years. I will also be talking to Shaw relatively soon to get us some bandwidth. We will split the cost of the bandwidth, deal? deal. thirdly, if there is anyone out there that would be interested in writing some html code, or even using an html program to help me and devo make our web comic a reality, please, comment and let me know. Fourthly and finally, if there is anyone that wants to advertise on our site once it's up and running, we will happily rent space to you, based on traffic and bandwidth costs.

Much love,



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